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About Us

Living with a disability is challenging because communities are not fully accessible or equitable for the disabled. It is this fact that inspired our founder, Derrick Tuff, to form our organization. It is this truth that motivates us to empower the disabled to live a fulfilling life.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To empower people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives.


Vision Statement

We envision communities that are fully Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible for people with disabilities.



We believe that trust is fundamental to building empowering relationships and will diligently work to build it through transparency and accountability.



We value the unique identity, ability, background, and perspective of all and seek to understand every individual to appropriately serve them.




We believe in the power of teamwork and will always collaborate with clients to develop and implement a plan for success. 



We recognize that disability creates unique challenges and believe that creativity increases the possibility of discovering workable and sustainable solutions. 



We know that the path to full inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility isn’t clear, but we will work tirelessly to overcome barriers to empower people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. 

Our Board

Headshot of a male wearing a blue dress shirt, light gray suit jacket, and multicolor tie.

Derrick Tuff II  


Headshot of a woman wearing an orange shirt.

 Melissa Lomax

Vice President

Headshot of a man wearing a white jacket.

Thomas Williams II


Heaadshot of a woman wearing a pink shirt.

Lakisha Holmes


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